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3D Hologram Roll Stickers

3D Hologram Roll Stickers

3D Hologram roll stickers are the ones which have special texture or 3D holographic images printed on them. The hologram roll stickers are used on many places like books, automobile windows, and industrial equipment and even for decoration purposes.

Hologram stickers are printed from specifically made material like foils which enable us have special texture and shiny pattern of colors printed on the roll stickers. The stickers can be customized according to your needs where you will be able to customize the holographic image on the stickers.

The holographic stickers also shine and show something specific when viewed from one angle and they will show some other image when viewed from some other angle.

You can have your holographic roll stickers printed in different shapes including square, rectangular and circular ones while the custom ones can have your desired text on it. The die-cut roll stickers are useful when getting your desired shape printed is your aim.

We offer personalization of all the holographic roll stickers by allowing embossing or stamping or simply choose from foiling. The UV coating can be used when you want your stickers to look scratch resistant.

Our customers can select from different material for the printing of roll stickers where you can select from cardboard, vinyl and PVC. The cardboard material is very useful when you want to use your holographic stickers on the books and other household items. The vinyl hologram stickers will allow them to be transparent while also providing waterproof capabilities. The PVC material is just like vinyl but, it is in solid color.

You can get all your hologram roll stickers printed in cheap rates and also choose to have your stickers delivered at your doorsteps for free.

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