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Static Cling Roll Stickers

You might want to use the stickers on different items like windows, glass tables or even walls where you want to give beauty your to items while also protecting them. The static cling roll stickers are useful on places where you want to add some texture or pattern on the wall without physically changing the item.

The cling roll stickers can also be used on commercial places like hotels, restaurants, shops and malls as they are made from high quality material and they administration from rolls allows them to be long enough for larger places.

The static cling stickers are made from high quality material and their printing on specifically designed stickers allows them to be used on places like vertical or horizontal windows or doors as the roll stickers are very easy to use.

We offer the stickers in different materials like the cardboard, PVC or vinyl enabling you to select the one which is close to your needs. Each material has its own specification like the cardboard material looks like read wood with texture on it and the cardboard material stickers are rigid and thick making them to be used on places where wear and tear might occur. The PVC stickers are useful when you want your stickers to have solid colors while vinyl stickers have transparency making them best for windows and glass products.

You can get all your static cling roll stickers shipped free of cost to any address in the Australia which means you will be able to achieve cheap printing costs.

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