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Waterproof Roll Stickers

There might be an occasion where you want to use the stickers on places which can get wet or simply are to be used on wet places. The waterproof roll stickers are best for you if you want your stickers to be waterproof as these are printed from specifically crafted materials which not only make the stickers waterproof from front but, also make them sticky enough to remain stuck with the item they are put to.

The waterproof stickers are useful when you want your sticker to be used outdoors like windows, on card windows, on bumpers or even walls. These stickers must remain there even if it rains or blows.

The waterproof roll sticker paper is printed from different materials including the PVC plastic and vinyl. The PVC stickers are waterproof and have solid colors. the vinyl printed stickers are not only waterproof but, they can also have transparency making them suitable for tables and outdoor glass.

You can also get your waterproof stickers printed from the cardboard material but, it won’t be waterproof unless you choose to have your cardboard stickers coated with UV which is a small layer of transparent plastic making the sticker waterproof and scratch proof.

The waterproof stickers are to be used in wet material so, that’s why we offer high quality printing in full-color which will ensure that your colors do not get faded. Full-color printing allows us to get your desired colors printed and you can also choose to have your logo or any image printed on the sticker.

All our waterproof roll stickers are printed on long rolls which mean you can use them on large places without having to apply them again and again. You can get all the stickers shipped for free at your doorsteps without paying a single dime other than the printing cost.

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