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Wholesale roll stickers

Own a shop in which you want to sell different roll stickers? The wholesale roll stickers are best for you when you want to sell different type of stickers at your stores to your customers. The wholesale stickers are made specifically from for resale where custom design, colors and shapes can be selected to achieve uniqueness.

You can choose to get your own shape printed for the wholesale stickers using our die-cut option whereas, the custom sticker printing option is also there which will let you have the desired stickers printed with any text on them. Standard shapes like circular, rectangular and square ones can also be selected for sticker printing.

We offer different materials for the printing of wholesale stickers like cardboard and vinyl. Cardboard wholesale stickers are useful when you want your stickers to look classic and want to have a custom texture on the stickers. While the vinyl material is waterproof and also transparent this will give your stickers more attractive look.

You can also choose to have your roll stickers printed with additional details like emboss or stamp which enable to give physical uniqueness to your stickers. You can also have the stickers printed in full-colors which will enable you to have any colors or texture printed just like real world.

You can get your wholesale roll stickers shipped to your address free of cost anywhere in the Australia which will allow us to have the stickers shipped in lowest possible pricing.

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