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Bike Roll Stickers

Bike Roll Stickers

Bike Roll Stickers, used to either to pronounce the brand, make and country of the make, the instructions to operate the bike or the precautions for the safe cycling. Bike Roll Stickers are ordered to get the benefits of the economy of large scale production. offers the five types of rolls of stickers, such as, Rectangular, Square, Round, Custom or Die-Cut shapes in any size, any shape or any size. Full colored or CMYK basic colored printed stickers are made, as per the desire or requirement of the customers which may be as per its Marketing Mix. But, sharp, shining, bright and charming colors are normally applied to print images and text for the bikes of ladies, girls or students while the users of heavy bikes normally prefer the CMYK mix of colors. If the racing bike is being sponsored, the sponsor may like to exhibit its message on the stickers.

The stickers may be printed on adhesive fine paper, soft cardboard, UV coated paper / material or the clear and transparent Vinyl plastic or plastic related material. But, as the bikes are designed to run in open environment, they face moist, wet rainy conditions, harsh hot weather or the snow storms. To face such natural weather conditions, stickers are preferably made with UV coated or transparent or non-transparent Vibyl plastic material. As embossing and stamping also increases the attractiveness in the stickers, its usage may be highly desirable by the marketing companies.

Our team of professional’s works in close coordination with the customers to make cheap and high quality stickers while the delivery team ensures the free, safe, prompt, in time and swift delivery within Australia regardless of weight or size of the order. 

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