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Roll Stickers
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Roll Stickers


Roll Stickers

Roll stickers, as the name suggests are simple stickers which are printed on the roll and then that roll is used to attach the stickers to the place you want. The roll over stickers printed can be used on multiple places like the industries, bumpers of card, home or office windows as well as tables.

Our printed rolled stickers are printed from high quality material like vinyl, PVC and cardboard which means you have a variety of qualities to select from. The vinyl stickers are usually transparent allowing them to be used on different windows and glass table hence providing see-through capabilities. The PVC stickers are usually made from solid non-transparent plastic material and these stickers can be used when getting solid colors in your stickers is necessary. You can also choose to get your stickers print in cardboard material which is not only rigid but, also looks classic. These cardboard stickers can be used on places where you want your stickers to look elegant.

We offer the printing of the roll out stickers in different shapes where you customers can select from standard shapes like circular, square and rectangular stickers. Additional shapes can be printed by choosing from custom stickers which lets you add any type of text on the sticker while the die-cut ones can be used to attain your desired shape.

We offer the printing of all the stickers in full-color as compared to CMYK which lets you get your logo or image printed on the stickers. Full-color option also lets you get any pattern of colors printed on the stickers.

You can get your roll stickers printed in cheap quality with different packages which let you have your stickers printed in lowest possible prices. To keep the overall pricing to minimum, we also offer free shipping of all the ordered stickers anywhere in the Australia.

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If you are looking for the printing of roll stickers for your business or personal use and want some unique shapes and custom made stickers then, the stickers printed by us are made right for you.

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We were very impressed with the customer service from the first moment. The product was made exactly to our specifications, and we're very happy with it. Also, even though we did not ask for express service, we are surprised at how quickly we received our boxes. We'll definitely be staying with you.

I’ve worked with this company over a few years now and they never disappoint. There great at bringing my vision to life and I’ll continue to use there services

Excellent service and very easy system to use. The best bit I found was being able to send my artwork to a professional who sorted it out and put it together for me so that it was appropriate for the style of box I wanted! Jhonson, my "Personal Artworker" was great and put up with me making changes over and over again! Hopefully when it is delivered, the product matches the quality of the service and I can leave another 5 star review!

Great Customer service, went above and beyond to satisfy my needs, would definitely recommend and use again.
Andreson jordan

Have used the company several times and have never been disappointed. Great service and great products

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